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Skin Analysis

A skin analysis is a personalized consultation to evaluate the skin’s health and general condition. Skin analysis at our clinic is performed by Lisette Meuse-Manuel, our on-site clinical aesthetician. We offer a full range of products, non-surgical solutions, and minor procedures, depending on your skin’s health needs. But it all starts with an analysis.

Skin analysis

There is more to your skin than meets the eye!

Your skin will be examined under special lamps to have a clearer picture of what type of facial treatment is best and what your home care regimen needs to be. Texture, sun damage, oil activity, pigmentation, etc are all observed and noted along with a questionnaire pertaining to your general health, lifestyle and skin care routine.

Skin care analysis is beneficial for every age and gender, and is recommended yearly (or more frequently if skin disorders are detected.) Recommendations based on your skin’s unique profile will keep you looking and feeling your best!

Health matters – book your analysis today!

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