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What is YOUR ideal breast size?

If you’re looking into breast enhancement surgery, there are a few things to consider. Whether you want to increase or decrease your bust size, it’s not something to take lightly.

Fbreasts shotirst, you want to consider your body type. If you’re normally a lean person, you’ll want to think carefully before choosing your new cup size. Apart from the health effects it could have on you, think on the social effects. People may treat you differently. If you’re not comfortable with that type of attention, you may wish to choose a medium sized implant.

Also, consider your current body shape. A woman with a strong build can carry a large breast size. One could say, it fits. Some lean women who get large breast implants have ended up suffering from back pain and even considered an implant reduction to help with the pain. Remember to discuss and consult with your local plastic surgeon to help make the right decision.

increase_breast_size755Age is another factor in deciding your new breast size. During pregnancy, your breasts may grow a few sizes, and then shrink back after delivery. You may wish to wait until after your pregnancy to make that decision. Also, be open with your doctor. If you do plan to have more children, or breastfeed, discuss that with them, so as to find a breast implant size that would be most suitable.

Keep the lines of communication open with your surgeon. Choose pictures from magazines and show them to your doctor so they have an idea of what you’re aiming for. Be sure that the body profile of the models you choose matches with your own. Also, many surgeons have breast implant samples to help you decide the size that suits your body. They go in the bra to give a natural look and give you an idea of what the implants may feel like.

When you’re considering breast implant surgery, the most important thing to do is keep in touch with your surgeon. Keep the lines of communication open and with their advice you’ll find an implant, or plan a reduction that will look natural and in proportion with your body.

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