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Better New Year’s Resolutions

Make this year’s resolution the most important one: be a happier, healthier you. That could mean any number of things for each of us. The most part of any resolution is to stick to it.

Go slow: As the old, oft muttered, saying goes; Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither was San Francisco for that matter, nor was a proper diet. Try adding a piece of produce to your lunch each day. And apple a day, and whatnot.  Pick one day as “fish” day. Fish is an excellent healthy option. Slowly build the habit. It won’t happen overnight.

Water Water Water: Water has no calories, no fat, and is readily available. 8 glasses a day is recommended. Now, that is a lot. But again, start small. Have a glass while you’re preparing breakfast. Bring a bottle with you while you’re commuting. Keep some near your work station. The closer it is to you, the easier it is to grab it. And if you’re feeling that need for something flavoured? Add a splash of your favourite fruit juice to get that temptation out of the way.

Build a meal plan: At the beginning of your week, plan out what you want each day for our meals. Add something healthy to the old favorites. Egg whites instead of full eggs. Bake that fish instead of breading it and frying it. Small changes can make huge results.

Give yourself a fighting chance: Get a friend involved. If you have someone to be accountable to, your odds increase exponentially. They can be your support, and you theirs. Take pride in the work you’ve both accomplished. Also, leave your food temptations at the grocery store. I can demolish a couple of cans of soda and a large sized bag of potato chips in one sitting if I’m not paying attention. The easiest way to avoid something like that is by just not bringing it home.

Take your time, make one change at a time, and give yourself some grace. With this, you can make your healthy resolutions stick.

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