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5 Easy Changes You Can Make in Your Day for a Healthier heart

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With the NB Heart Truth Gala and National Heart Month both coming up, we are focused on ALL THINGS HEART! We all know how essential heart health is, but did you know how easy the changes are that will allow your heart to beat just a bit easier?

While most of the muscles in your body play an important role (I’m looking at you, auricular muscles) it can be said that your heart is among the most important. It pumps blood and oxygen into your body and makes sure everyone is getting what they need. So, it’s important to take care of it. There are simple things you can do in your daily routine to give your heart the chance it needs to keep you ticking.

Get moving: Skip the elevator. Walk to the corner store. Jog to the mail box. Even if it’s five minutes at a time, your body will thank you. Being up and mobile and moving gets the old ticker ticking and helps give it the strength it needs.

Stress management: Whether it’s journaling, prescriptions, meditation, or your favourite activity, managing your stress level takes the strain off your heart. The better you handle your stress, the less likely you’ll be of developing heart disease.

Quit smoking: If you’re a smoker, you’re already aware of the detriment it has on your health. This might be time to take another look at kicking the habit again, once and for all. Talk to your doctor, or your pharmacist, and get some advice for how to quit and make it stick.

Maintain a healthy weight: When you’re talk to your doctor, ask them to help you find out what a healthy weight for you is. Then with their help, a good diet, and regular exercise, learn to maintain that weight. Heart disease can affect those with too much, or even too little, weight. Anorexia can cause dangerous heart rhythms, and low blood pressure, where being overweight can cause heart disease even where there are no other warning signs.

Eat just a bit better: Your intake will obviously affect how much weight you gain, and your cholesterol level. Both things will increase your chance of heart disease. Watch for foods with high nutrients, but low calories. These will help you get what you need to maintain a healthy body without giving it more energy than it needs.

With small, slight changes to your every day, over time you will give you and your heart a fighting chance. Think of it as an engine. Give it the high quality fuel it needs, and get it on the road to keep it moving smoothly. Your future will thank you.

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