Post-procedure Instructions EN PDF

Instructions post-procèdure FR PDF

Try to exercise your treated muscles for 1 hour after treatment (e.g. practice frowning, raising your eyebrows, or squinting). This helps to work the neuromodulator into your muscles. Although this is thought to help, it will NOT impact your treatment negatively if you forget to do this.

If you have been taking Advil, Vitamin E, Coumadin or other blood thinners, be aware that you may have a greater risk of bruising. Feel free to take Advil after the treatment if you have a small headache. 

Do NOT rub or massage the treated areas for 4 hours after your treatment.

Do NOT do Yoga or any other type of strenuous exercise for 4 hours after treatment.

Do NOT lie down for 4 hours after treatment. This is to avoid the risk of pressure on the treated areas from your pillow and to avoid the risk of having the area rubbed accidentally.

Avoid facials or saunas for 4 hours after your treatment. This will minimize the risk of raising your blood pressure and therefore the risk of temporary bruising.

Feel free to shower and go about most other regular daily activities.

Be assured that any tiny bumps or marks will go away within a few hours. If you need to apply makeup within 4 hours of the treatment, apply it gently to avoid rubbing on the treated areas.

The results of your treatment may take up to 14 days to take full effect. Please wait until the 14 days have passed before assessing if you are pleased with the result.

Facial injections, such as BOTOX Cosmetic® and Dysport®, are temporary procedures and at first, you may find that your treatment results will last approximately 3 or 4 months.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact our office.