Before we condemn the perceived vanity that goes into the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery, let’s try on the hat of compassion for a minute …. Do you really have a reason to judge or shame those who undergo surgery for cosmetic reasons?  Do you have a right to?

The principle of undergoing cosmetic surgery is the same as the principle of going to the gym and taking care of yourself.

A certain level of vanity is not a sin.  Just as we feel the pressure to whiten our teeth, color our hair or bang it out at the gym for that lean or muscular physique; the same drive motivates a person to proceed with cosmetic surgery.

There is no winning regardless of what you do and the same rule applies to plastic surgery.  Whether you get it or not, there will always be people judging your choice.

Your surgery (or lack thereof) will not change anyone’s life other than your own.  The decision is entirely YOURS. If you do not want nor feel that you need cosmetic surgery, then by all means, don’t have it. If you do want cosmetic surgery – OWN IT! In summary, let’s hold the judgement because we all have our own stories.

Dr. Brent Howley, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon