Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement

Make your lips smoother, more defined and fuller

Lip enhancement with dermal fillers or autologous fat transfer can smooth wrinkles, add volume and redefine your lip contour.

Are you looking for:

  • Lips that have better definition.
  • A more prominent upper lip shape (“cupid’s bow”).
  • Better balance between the lower and upper lip.
  • Better symmetry between the left side of your lips and the right.
  • An enhanced lip outline.
  • A lack of vertical wrinkles so your lipstick won’t bleed.
  • No more downturned mouth corners.

Having full, plump lips is often considered a sign of good health, beauty and youth. Whether you were born with thin lips or your lips are thinning due to the natural aging process, there are many ways to enhance them. Lip injections using natural or synthetic fillers can keep your lips plump for months at a time. Lip implants and other surgical procedures can also be performed for a more permanent solution. Other options include lip lifts, vermillion (lip) advancement and permanent makeup. Every year, thousands of people undergo successful lip enhancement and are pleased with the results.

When to Consider Lip Enhancement

  • Your lips have always been thin and disappear when you smile
  • As you age, your lips have become thinner and less full
  • You feel self-conscious about how your lips look
  • Having fuller lips will help balance out your face