Hips and Thighs

Thigh Lift

After massive weight loss, the presence of loose and wrinkled excess skin on your thighs has dampened the happiness you want to experience for finally achieving a healthier weight. In the absence of all that weight, you now battle with the embarrassment of hanging folds and bags of wrinkly excess skin on your thighs, a deformity that only gets worse with age. Your discomfort with the shape of your thighs stops you from truly enjoying your leaner body, and you remain unhappy and dissatisfied with your appearance. Consider a thigh lift to resolve this issue.

Lower Body Lift

  • A circumferential body lift removes excess skin and fat from your mid-section after you’ve lost a lot of weight.

A circumferential body lift is the only way to eliminate the excess skin that has been unable to shrink back to your thinner shape following massive weight loss. In a single cosmetic surgical procedure, you achieve a more natural-looking appearance that will accentuate your smaller size, so you too may experience a significant enhancement in your body image.