Pre and Post Operative
Care Instructions

These pre-operative instructions have been created to prepare you for your cosmetic surgery procedure. Following these instructions will maximize your opportunity for uncomplicated wound healing and optimize the likelihood of an excellent cosmetic outcome. It is important that you read this information from our plastic surgery clinic carefully and completely. You will receive specific instructions on your cosmetic surgery procedure when you book your surgery.

Two weeks before surgery


  • You may be required to stop certain medications before your surgery (e.g: blood thinners, anti-inflammatories). Dr. Howley will ensure that you receive the proper instructions regarding your medication prior to your surgery.
  • Stop taking any herbal, natural, diet, or alternative drugs 14 days prior to your surgery (e.g. ginkgo biloba, ginseng, St. John’s wort).
  • All other medications may be taken, but please make sure your surgeon and the anesthesiologist are aware of any medications you take.

*Please notify our office prior to your surgery if you develop a cold or infection.

Post Operative Instructions

Our clients are our first priority. Keeping you informed about your personal treatment plan is critical to achieving the results you want. We have carefully put the following information together for your review, following your treatment.