Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction helps restore the appearance of the breast. It is an option for many women after a mastectomy. Breast reconstruction is rarely done after breast-conserving surgery (BCS) because most women do not notice a significant difference in their breast after this type of surgery. It is occasionally done after BCS if there is a significant defect.

Breast reconstruction often involves more than one operation. Surgery may be required on the unaffected breast so that is matches the reconstructed breast.

Deciding to have breast reconstruction

The decision to have surgery for breast reconstruction or to use a breast prosthesis is a personal one. It is based on the woman’s desires, lifestyle and physical or medical limitations. Women choose to have breast reconstruction to:

  • Feel physically whole again
  • be reminded less of their breast cancer
  • Gain an increased sense of freedom
  • Avoid wearing a breast prosthesis
  • Have more variety in their clothing, including bras
  • Feel more comfortable with their bodies and sexually attractive

Dr. Howley and Dermak Medical Esthetics are proud to partner on many breast reconstruction cases, offering their patients the chance to feel themselves again, from reconstruction to nipple tattooing. We understand the journey that is breast cancer and reconstruction, and are here to give support and help to patients who are rebuilding their lives.