Buttock Lift

Buttock Lift

A butt lift is designed to lift sagging buttocks, allowing for a perkier contour. We employ a variety of surgical techniques, tailored to the needs and body type of our patients, as well as the degree of buttock sagging, in order to provide an optimal aesthetic outcome from a butt lift. We decide on which techniques to use by carefully analyzing the patient’s skin tone and degree of posterior deformity. We will also assess the extent of buttock sagging, looseness and deflation.

When to Consider a Buttock Lift

  • If you have loose, sagging skin and extra fat in your buttocks
  • If you recently experienced dramatic weight loss and are close to your ideal weight
  • If your gluteal area makes you feel self-conscious
  • If the excess skin and fat make you uncomfortable or cause mobility problems


  • Your buttock area will look smoother and more toned.
  • The results will be long-lasting.
  • Any discomfort caused by excess skin will be alleviated.


  • Full recovery could take several months.
  • Future weight fluctuations can affect results.
  • The procedure could result in loss of volume in the buttocks.